From many, some of work done by Sukoon Power Technology of supply installation & commissioning of Solar Systems

3 KW @ Nikol,Ahmedabd

3 KW @ Indirabridge, Ahmedabad

3 KW @ Adarsh Bunglow, Ahmedabad

10 KW @ Navarangpura, Ahmedabad

5 KW @ Surat

6 KW @ Anjar, Kutch-Bhuj



Now, generate your own electricity at your own Terrace and have power in your hands.

Gujarat Government have started solar system for home, trusts, social sectors, colleges, Hospitals etc. with attractive 30% Subsidy from Central government & Rs. 10000/- for 1KW to Rs. 20000/- Subsidy for 2KW and above from Gujarat Government for residential & social sectors. Government has fixed lowest price for different capacity of solar system as shown in below table. All Developers like Sukoon Power Technology has to work in Government fixed cost.

You will have to pay to solar company by deducting all subsidies. Please note: Government has included all charges including GST in this price for its standard technical specification with 300 mm height structure. There will be additional charges paid by customer if Structure is elevated or has more height than 300mm.

All house Equipments will work on this solar system like AC, TV, Refrigerator (Freeze), Motor etc everything. Also there will be NO ANY ADDITIONAL CHANGE in existing wiring of any premises weather its Residence or Commercial Building or Industry.

Install solar system at your home & earn as much as you can with 0 (Zero) electricity bill. Discom will purchase extra power from you and will give you credit.

Most awaited solar system for home by Gujarat government has been started with first come first serve basis with most attractive offers as mentioned in below table.

Hurryyyyy… Choose from below table and follow the steps as given below.

This Government offer lasts for 3 to 4 Months only for registration. Don’t miss this opportunity at this price.

SrNo System Capacity Price (RS) Geda Subsidy MNRE Subsidy You Pay Only(Client Have to Pay) Units pm Kwh Area need in Sq. Ft. Invested Rs. recovery period (Year) Our Suggestion if your avg. bill per month is according to below amount Rs.
1 2KW 96600 20000 28980 47620 300 190 2.00 Up to 800
2 3.2KW 154560 20000 46368 88192 490 300 2.00 800 to 1500
3 4KW 193200 20000 57960 115240 630 400 2.00 1500 to 2000
4 5KW 241500 20000 72450 149050 840 500 2.00 2000 to 2700
5 6KW 288000 20000 86400 181600 920 600 2.00 2700 to 3500
6 7KW 336000 20000 100800 215200 1100 700 2.00 3500 to 4500
7 8KW 384000 20000 115200 248800 1200 800 2.00 4500 to 5500
8 9KW 432000 20000 129600 282400 1350 900 2.00 5500 to 7000
9 10KW 480000 20000 144000 316000 1500 1000 2.00 Above 7000

If you have decided capacity of solar system for your premises than complete your registration in 4 easy steps.

1) Upload documents or Send courier of Documents to company registered address or mail documents to
2) Receive call from our engineer & confirm order with taking full system details.
3) Site visit by engineer.
4) Enjoy Solar System at your home.

Upload documents:

1 Your Name
2 Mobile Number
3 Email Address
4 Your decided solar system capacity (Kw)
5 Passport Size Photo (Max 2 MB)
6 Electricity Bill (Light Bill) (Max 2 MB)
7 Applicant Adhar Card (Max 2 MB)
8 PAN Card (Max 2 MB)
9 Election Card (Max 2 MB)
10 Municipality Tax Bill or Vera Pavti (Max 2 MB)
11 Index Copy (Max 2 MB)

Please submit your application after uploading all documents.

Please call if you have any query with any document we will guide you for that.

If you are still finding issues in uploading documents call immediately on contact number +91 9712946594, +91 9429436377.

Still if you are unable to decide your solar system capacity go to this page and calculate your capacity, return on present page and follow the steps. Please note this page link given is only for capacity calculation don’t consider price displayed on link based page.